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kashan where people kept 7000 yearsof civilzations alive


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gooshte loobiab 

Kashan cradle of civilization 

kashan is a unique city in Iran during all part of history and been very important through times because of its strategic locations and their Art .Iran believes  that kashan is cradle of world civilization and the first city of the world that human beings formed the early villages and cities from 7500 years ago .the name of this place which these days remained as a historical site in kashan is named Sialk munds or Sialk Hills .dont miss it.

kashan has never been a capital but was as important as a capital mainly .the variation of architecture monuments in kashan and the vibe people made in this very poetic city made kashan an important recreational site in iran for Kings of each period that because there was a massive destructive earthquake in 250 years ago in this mud brick made city,there are no longer places aged more than 220 years ,just some exception that were more built under ground such as Khan Bath in Great Bazzar of Kashan.

kashan is a great city famed for Nobel man as Mohtashame Kashani a great mystic and a great poet that you can find his tomb near Manouchehri house.Kashan is city of Sohrab that i can proudly say i feel so much proud that he is an iranian and had such open mind and great ideas hidden is his poet .he is buried peacful in Mashade Ardehal a city near kashan on the way to Nakhjir cave.

kashan is city of Kamalalmolk a great man in irans hitory for painting and making a development in the countries arts,which a very beautiful umble house is named Kamalalmolk Guest house as respect.

kashan is nearly 650000 people but statistic shows they are 450000 and people of kashan find it wrong .because they want to develop into being a province . 

this city is complex of historical houses and natural attractions of iran itself.


Niasar Village

Niasar is a village with a fire temple ,a militarist cave,a waterfall,rose gardens and distilleries,located 20 km west of kashan.experts believe that fire temple was built at the beginning of Sassanid period.the temple incorporates a fire temple and tombs of celebrated figures.the village is is one of the most well-known tourist-attracting destination of iran.

Barzok Village (Recommended )

Barzok village is a garden city in the middle of mountains with a green beautiful nature,lovely wildlife and traditional architecture houses .the city dates back to 3000 BC and safavid bath,Qajar water reservoir ,tappeh qaleh(historical castle ,cave and hill),ancient watermills,riverside,ahmad Abad spring,anthropology musuem and the tourist attracting Road Saad Abad are some of the places to visit in barzok .there is also a young gentel man named Seeid Soroosh in barzok whom is working in tourism field of this village .and he is trying to save his ancestors produt and culture .he has a traditional house -Sooshid House- and its excellent experince to stay there for a night .

Qamsar small Town

Qamsar used to be a village for roses and rose water that nowaday is a samll kind town and proudly presents rose water festival with help of kashan during april .and all people of iran from all cities every day and mostly weekends stay in kashan and visit both Qamsar and Niasar and purchase their annual Herbals and also enjoying refreshing weather of this small villages in this season .but dont forget that Niasar is not as famous as Qamsar but has most products share in iran .if you ask your hotel receptionist and they think Qamsar is crowded maybe you would like to ask their help for visiting Niasar or Directions .

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allah parast ally .mola habibolah sharif street.kamalalmolk square.kashan